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Tim Fitzgerald is educated and experienced in creating images for research scientists and personal injury attorneys.

With each collaboration, Tim enjoys the opportunity to promote health and science literacy through artwork in medical legal cases, journal/book publications, and general infographics.


Biomedical Images

These anatomical and surgical illustrations are perfect for use in medical publications, patient education materials, and medical-legal art posters. The anatomy can be displayed in either diagrammatic or dynamic poses, depending on your project’s needs.

Scientific Visualization

These cellular and molecular illustrations can be used for research publications, patient education materials, and science conference posters. The color and accuracy of visual elements in these diagrams will help draw attention to your work and clearly convey the information.

Miscellaneous Design

Design work that does not fit into the mold of a ‘traditional illustration’, but can be used to solve graphic design problems. This collection of work may generate ideas for icons, [non-medical] spot illustrations, and infographics.

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